Zodiaq is a brand new category of material that truly expands upon the beauty of quartz. Zodiaq is used in the surfacing of quartz to give it a bright, illuminated look and quality. Zodiaq countertops can be used in your home and can give any room elegance like no other countertop can. The countertop you choose will give your room’s astonishing energy. It will definitely create a pleasant atmosphere in the room and contribute to a pleasant overall aesthetic experience.




DuPont Zodiaq kitchen countertops are made from pure quartz crystals, some of the strongest material in nature which can resist almost anything–including kitchen hazards. No need to worry about scratching your beautiful kitchen counter or cracking it. It was designed and created to withstand heat and pressure. Want to make sure that your counter will fit to your custom specifications? Zodiaq kitchen countertops MD are your best bet! The material is very easy to take care of as well, requiring little to no maintenance whatsoever. It would be quite the amazing feat to ruin the quartz material of the countertop in your house (please don’t actually try to do this).

Quartz countertops MD come with so many benefits in the way they can be used. Zodiaq is consistent in its color, providing a neat and uniform look to a stable part of your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen. It requires absolutely no sealing and is completely nonporous, which means it will not absorb liquid or stains (which is even worse). In addition, no sealing means that there are ZERO opportunities for bacteria to grow on the nonexistent sealant, ruining your countertop and forcing extra meantime on your workload. As mentioned earlier, it has incredible strength and will not scratch, break, or burn. United Granite offers over 30 color variations for your quartz countertops. From Cloud White to Space Black, and everything in between, there is a color available for your own custom use. This provides you with a whole lot of flexibility when you are designing your home. Zodiaq countertops md are perfect for your bathroom, your kitchen, your shower space, and even your fireplace. If it can be a counter, it’s perfect for anywhere in the house.

Quartz is a very intriguing material by itself, as it is hard enough to be a staple in everyday popular jewelry. And it is sharp enough to be used in watches. Quartz has been used since ancient times for many purposes, the most common being jewelry and dishes such as water pitchers and plates, in recent times being used in watches and now countertops for the home. The word “quartz” is actually based off the German (originally Slavic) word “Quartz” which roughly translates to “hard.” The makeup and composition of quartz gives it a brightness and luminous quality similar to that of diamonds. At United Granite we understand just how valuable and precious this material is that gives Zodiaq kitchen countertops MD such a glamorous look. Also check out Silestone Countertops, Cambria Countertops, Caesarstone Countertops.

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