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Why Granite Countertops Make So Much Sense

There’s simply nothing more classic, elegant or refined that granite countertops in a home or business. There’s a reason that granite has been the preferred countertop material for so long. It simply offers an exquisite finish that cannot be found in any other countertop material. Granite has been used by the rich and powerful as[…]

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Why Choose Granite Tops?

To best decide which countertop you should choose for your home, for your castle and likely the biggest investment of your life, it’s best to look at available options for countertops. While there are certain pictures that come to mind when one thinks of castles and mansions, with elaborate, ornate countertops throughout, not everyone can[…]

granite countertops in md

Granite Counters: Pros and Cons

  From any perspective, the advantages of granite countertops far outweigh the disadvantages. And in every case, the advantages of choosing granite countertops for your kitchen rather than opting for any of the synthetic options out there outweighs any advantage that the cheaper alternatives may offer. But if you are considering granite countertops for your[…]

granite countertops in md

Marble and Granite Countertops Versus the Field

  It is well known throughout the fields of architecture and home decor that marble and granite countertops are the crème de la crème of all countertop surfaces. Granite countertops are the definition of the term classical, and are the oldest known countertop surfaces on the planet. Yet here they are, thousands of years after[…]