Choosing your next kitchen countertop is no easy task. Fortunately, we can help you find the perfect fit. Considering a more traditional and sleek stone? If so, then soapstone countertops are what you want. Soapstone is considered very natural and traditional, almost rustic in nature. The charm emanated by soapstone kitchen countertops is in its simplicity.

Though simple, soapstone still consists of many rich and calm colors. Slab samples will range in color from a gentle gray to blue-gray to a deep black. Most soapstone countertops will be a nearly solid color while a few will have uniquely colored veins. Soapstone kitchen countertops are some of the most durable slabs we install. It is not a porous or soft stone which means that it is very difficult to stain.



Both types of soapstone, steatite and artistic, are durable. Artistic soapstone is often found in carvings and has been used for centuries. Steatite is used for architectural purposes with a small amount of talc. The more talc found in a stone, the softer it will be considered. Soapstone countertops are so durable because they have very little talc in them. Furthermore, soapstone kitchen countertops will be unaffected by any type of liquid that could stain other stones. It doesn’t even need a special cleaner!

The durability of soapstone kitchen countertops includes its weight and heat resistance.

While soapstone countertops offer much durability, they will still become worn down over time. Eventually you will see the edges of the counter begin to wear. If you start looking closely enough, you’ll see small scratches or nicks in the soapstone itself. Soapstone becomes softer as it ages, but will still last you a lifetime.

Soapstone countertops MD showrooms present the various ways to both maintain and present the natural beauty of soapstone. Certain mineral oils can prevent scratches and smooth the stone. Other oils may enhance or deepen the stone’s original color. The use of mineral oil is not necessary though. Soapstone kitchen countertops will darken as they age.

In general, soapstone can be used in a myriad of ways. Its heat retention properties make a perfect addition to fireplaces or wood stoves. Its durability and hardness make it the perfect countertop to install your kitchen or around your sinks. Soapstone can even be used smaller items like mixing bowls or planters.

Do not be fooled by the initial durability and appearance of soapstone. Soapstone kitchen countertops can still be scratched, but since the stone itself isn’t porous it will not stain or burn. Best of all, soapstone requires little care to last several lifetimes. Soapstone is still considered soft enough to carve and malleable enough to form, making it the perfect combination to be placed in any home. Consider some of the granite color options looking like soapstone. Virginia Mist is a granite color having the soapstone look, and feel.

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