Silestone is a type of compound made up of about 90% natural quartz. This fact alone means it is extremely hard and it has a high resistance to various “threats”. And it makes it a great choice for rooms in your house such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Silestone countertops are durable enough to hand whatever everyday life will throw at it. Silestone is the leading brand in quartz countertops and with good reason.




Silestone is non-porous. What this means it that it will not absorb any sort of liquids nor will it stain. In a high liquid traffic area such as the bathroom this can be extremely beneficial. When you utilize the resources from Silestone countertops MD you won’t need to worry about spills or makeup because of the high resistance of the Silestone countertops. Silestone is a form of quartz so in effect when you’re purchasing a Silestone countertop you are really buying a Quartz countertop. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth.

Silestone kitchen countertops are a perfect idea because while you use knives and other sharp utensils to fix up your food, you do not want to be worrying about scratching up your counter. And the best thing about it is that out of all your options for your countertops, granite, stone, etc, the Silestone countertops are extremely impact resistant. Thanks to the major quartz composition and polyester resin elasticity Silestone kitchen countertops MD. A special vibrocompression process is put in place when the quartz countertops are produced. The production of Silestone countertops involves high levels of heat, about the same used for diamonds or what would be found in volcanoes.

If you’re designing a new home or simply revamping the look of your bathroom with Silestone countertops MD, we have every possible customization you will ever need. Silestone is unique in that it comes in a multitude of different colors and in different textures as well. This ensures that each instance of these quartz countertops will be different. Quartz kitchen countertops MD has all the selection options you could want. The three major textures possible for your Silestone countertops are polished, suede and Volcano. Polished is the original and classic look for these quartz countertops. It gives your counter true smoothness and a beautiful brightness that will light up the room. Suede is more of an exotic approach to your countertop. It serves to give off an almost soft radiance as well as touch. This is the best combination of practicality and perfect aesthetics. The volcano texture will give your counter a rustic look yet still fit the elegance that Silestone countertops usually have.

Silestone is an excellent manufacturer and choice for countertop production. This quartz variant is extremely strong and can be used for many years to come. It also has a look that will fit any theme in any room. Also check cambria, zodiaq, and caesarstone brands before making your final decision on your quartz countertops.

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