Quartzite countertops are a perfect way to add a little uniqueness to your home. Quartzite is a hard, metamorphic rock that used to be pure quartz sandstone. However, after massive amounts of heat and pressure, the pure quartz sandstone turned into quartzite. Quartzite is so strong that one of its most common uses is to be crushed and used as railway ballast. It can also be used in roadway construction. Read More..



Quartzite kitchen countertops and quartzite countertops are something a little different for the interior of your home. The beauty of quartzite is that it looks like marble but acts as though it is granite. Marble has veins as does quartzite yet it is not as porous. This means that unlike marble, quartzite cannot be stained easily. No two slabs of quartzite are exactly the same. Quartzite could best be described as a luxurious stone. Quartzite naturally comes in either white or gray. However, certain impurities can cause the colors to vary. These variations can be anything from green to pink. This variance ensures that your quartzite countertops MD are always different from any other ones in the world.

This type of stone can be fairly costly if you are wanting the natural quartzite. However, the benefits of using natural quartzite countertops in your home are unmatched in any other material. Your investment into natural quartzite is well worth it. Your plans for the quartzite will also influence the cost. If you are wanting to employ small, intricate cuts on your countertop then this will cost more as a diamond saw must be used. Also, if you are wanting brighter white colored natural quartzite then this will increase the cost. However, please keep in mind what you are purchasing is the top of the line. The look will be elegant and the style will be very intriguing to any guests you have in your home.

Taking care of your quartzite countertops is fairly easy. Due to it being a natural stone it will need to be sealed. This will help it resist stains and liquids even more than it already can. Since it is sealed it will need to be cleaned quite frequently with a wet cloth.

Overall, quartzite is the best. It has the formality and beauty of marble but the strength and almost durability of granite. If you’re looking to add a heavenly touch to your home, quartzite is the answer.

Please note that different quartzite slabs have different hardness levels. Some quartzite may be as durable as granite is, while some of the quartzite, especially softer ones, may be as soft as marble is. Please check with us for the characteristics of the stone before purchasing your quartzite countertops.



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