Of all the stone options for your home, limestone is one of the most precious. It exhibits an overall sense of tranquility and romanticism that cannot be found in the boldness of other stones. Its sensual design makes it a typical choice for romantic master bathrooms or a subtle backsplash. Limestone countertops are found in a variety of places, but are typically used in the contemporary designs of today.

The formation of limestone is definitely unique, considering it is made from the skeletons of sea creatures that died a millennia ago. As such, you can often find small shells or fossils embedded into the stone itself. This can only add to the limestone countertops charm. Due to the nature of its creation, limestone is almost always found in lighter colors. The deepest colors found in limestone countertops are earthen in nature. The best way to explain the color of this stone is by thinking of a beautiful sandy, romantic and sensual beach.




Jerusalem BoneJerusalem Bone


Jerusalem GoldJerusalem Gold


Olive GreenOlive Green


By heading to one of the many limestone countertops MD showrooms, you will find examples of how gorgeous limestone can be once installed. You will find a vast variety of colors and levels of hardness. Some pieces of limestone will be extremely porous and soft. Others will be quite durable and perfect for high volume kitchens. The finish chosen will depend greatly on the hardness of the stone. The harder the limestone countertops, the more glossy or polished finish it can have.

The most difficult part of choosing your limestone countertops will be choosing the specific color and design. Like other stones, no two pieces will be alike. When you visit our limestone countertops MD showroom, bring samples of colors you wish to match with the limestone. Also, be sure to discuss with one of the experts where you plan to install the limestone. For those wishing to install kitchen limestone countertops, you will need a much harder stone than someone looking for fireplace tiles. Other installation options include columns, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands, or paving.

All limestone is porous. This means that regardless of the hardness of the stone, it soaks up liquids. All of the limestone countertops MD showrooms include limestone slabs that can be properly sealed. For lower maintenance on the stone’s seal, choose a stone that doesn’t appear sponge-like on the back. The spongier it appears, the more likely it is to soak up all liquids. More porous stones will also show stains quicker. Limestone countertops will need to be sealed often to provide protection from scratches created by sharp objects. Even something as small as a car key can scratch limestone.

Due to its porous nature, limestone should be used sparingly throughout your home. It is the perfect accent stone with its soft, sensual colors and designs. When looking at limestone countertops, remember your current lifestyle and how you want the stone to look in several years. Limestone is high maintenance because it requires regular sealing, but it adds great beauty and charm to your home. Major Quartz brands such as Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria and Zodiaq started to imitated limestone and marble coloring. Always consider different options before making your final decision.


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