CaesarStone quartz surfaces are some of the strongest in the industry. Quartz ranks at a seven on the Mohs scale. This means that quartz is only a little softer than diamond which is one of the hardest materials in the world. Caesarstone is made of about 90% quartz. Caesarstone is also unique in its lack of veins. Regular stone surfaces are veined for aesthetic purposes and this compromises the consistency. This can ultimately lead to more serious flaws.


Originating from Israel, Caesarstone countertops MD are treated with a secret process to perfect the stones. The process is a form of the Breton stone process but with quartz added in as a variance. As mentioned earlier, they work to remove any veining or small inconsistencies. While these problems may be small in the beginning, time can amplify the issues to become much more serious. Caesarstone were the first to entertain the concept of quartz kitchen countertops and quartz bathroom countertops.

Caesarstone, if utilized properly such as with help from CaeserStone kitchen countertops md, it has many perks. Caesarstone does not lose its color over time. It also does not chip or crack in any way due to its strength and hardness. On top of that Caesarstone is non-porous. What this means is that your quartz countertops manufactured by Caesarstone will not absorb spills or outside substances. With the help of Caesarstone kitchen countertops md you can utilize this stone in your kitchen countertops and you won’t have to worry about “ruining” it or “staining” it. The mineral is easy to clean as well.

It doesn’t breed bacteria because it contains no grout or sealed areas. Caesarstone countertops can be cleaned by simply using a cloth and warm water. CaesarStone quartz is produced under heavy pressure, temperature and immense amounts of vibration. They are then polished to give off a glow like nothing else in your house. A positive side effect of this polish is that the countertop will retain a natural, cold quality to it. It will always be cool to the touch yet heavily resistant to any applicable heat. The range of styles to employ on your CaesarStone quartz countertops is almost unlimited.

Quartz countertops can be manufactured to fit any color scheme and interior theme. From colors ranging from Apple Martini to Deep Ocean, we have all kinds of Quartz countertops MD you will ever need to complete the look of your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. CaesarStone’s innovations have led the industry for years and their workmanship with Caesarstone countertops MD has earned them the respect that is unparalleled. Caesarstone started to imitate some of the natural stones such as granite, marble, soapstone and limestone.


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