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Choosing the Right Countertops Installer is as Important as Choosing Granite or Marble!

The Suburban D.C. area, including areas like Howard and Montgomery County and the posh areas surrounding D.C. are populated by some of the most impressive homes featuring some of the grandest architecture on the planet. Obviously D.C. is the Capitol of the United States, and is populated by and visited by some of the most powerful[…]

granite countertops in md

Ranking the Top 5 Countertop Materials

  Countertops throughout the house, in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, can make or break the décor of any home or business. That perfect look, that touch of elegance or class can separate a run of the mill home or business to an unforgettable décor. Not to mention the fact that the right type of[…]

Why Countertop Installers are as important as Countertop Materials

You’ve finally made the decision to improve those old outdated countertops, and you’re going for the very best, you’re having marble or granite countertops installed. After all, your home is your most prized possession, your biggest investment ever, and you live in it. Why wouldn’t you choose the very best countertop material when the cost[…]

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What Countertops Would You Have In Your Dream Home

  If cost was no issue, what would your dream home look like? Think about it for a minute. Is it an immaculate mansion, an idyllic cabin in the woods, or a grand palace? Whatever it is you would choose, you certainly wouldn’t have imitation décor would you?   Whatever your tastes, you’d want the[…]

The Very Best Marble, Granite and Soapstone Countertop Installers In Maryland And Suburban D.C.

Maryland and the Suburban D.C. area into Northern Virginia have some of the highest property values in the United States, thanks to the proximity to the nation’s capital. Suburban Maryland and Suburban D.C. are the mecca of exquisite, beautiful homes, dotted with massive elaborate mansions and well built, attractive urban homes. The architecture from the[…]

granite countertops in md

Why Granite or Marble are the Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Home

Many home owners seek to enhance the look of their home. Making the environment pleasant and tailoring it to their unique tastes is a big part of making a house into a home. There are many ways of enhancing the appearance – and the value – of your home. When it comes to your home,[…]

granite countertops in md

The Benefits of Marble, Soapstone and Granite Tops

Many people wonder about the benefits of marble, soapstone and granite countertops. They want to know if the investment is really worth it, and if so, what the difference is between the three kitchen countertop options. All three options offer many benefits, most of them long term, and all three have different attributes that warrant[…]

granite countertops in md

Granite Counters: Pros and Cons

  From any perspective, the advantages of granite countertops far outweigh the disadvantages. And in every case, the advantages of choosing granite countertops for your kitchen rather than opting for any of the synthetic options out there outweighs any advantage that the cheaper alternatives may offer. But if you are considering granite countertops for your[…]

granite countertops in md

Marble and Granite Countertops Versus the Field

  It is well known throughout the fields of architecture and home decor that marble and granite countertops are the crème de la crème of all countertop surfaces. Granite countertops are the definition of the term classical, and are the oldest known countertop surfaces on the planet. Yet here they are, thousands of years after[…]

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