Not all countertops send the same message. Some countertops scream elegance and expense. Others shout mystically majestic. Yet others simply say, ‘this is my home, please come in.’ The latter is the typical message portrayed by cambria countertops. Cambria designs are meant to further enhance the natural beauty of quartz stone. Quartz is created by pressurizing sandstone. If you are looking for pure quartz countertops, you will find them to be white or grey in color. Other colors found at our quartz countertops MD showrooms occur from various mineral impurities found in the area the quartz was formed. Quartz may appear similar to marble, but it has many of the same qualities found in granite. Like most other stones, cambria kitchen countertops will vary widely in color and design.


Our Cambria countertops MD showrooms show just how valuable cambria designs can be. That is why it is often a focal point in our showrooms. It’s created yet seemingly natural beauty can be seen to enhance any kitchen or bathroom while its stone’s qualities make it a highly desirable option. Cambria countertops will not be easily worn down or scratched. In fact, cambria kitchen countertops are safe enough to prepare food on since they are not porous. The only maintenance required is that of a regular cleaning with warm water.

While cambria designs are excellent replicas of quartz, many may still wish to use natural quartz stones for its unique designs. During the recrystallization portion of quartz’s formation, it encounters different levels of iron oxide. This element creates unique colors and designs throughout the natural quartzite stone. The gorgeous colorations combined with its beautiful glass-like appearance make quartz countertops an amazing addition to any room.

The best part of quartz countertops is not the coloration or easy maintenance, but the overall quality found in the stone. The durability and strength of quartz is nearly unmatched. Of all the stones you could install for your kitchen countertops, quartz countertops will last the longest and be the easiest to maintain. You will not need any special cleaners or sealants to provide protection.

Once you have fallen in love with quartz countertops, you will soon be asking what else you can have done in the beautiful quartz stone. While not easily used for sculptures, quartz is still perfect for use in shower or fireplace tiles. Where you decide to install the quartz stone will determine what type of finish is required.

We know that choosing the right countertop stone is difficult. We also guarantee you that our quartz countertops MD showrooms are the perfect place to start for high volume homes. Our showrooms will also include cambria kitchen countertops for those in need of a lower-priced but highly durable option. We fabricate silestone, caesarstone, and zodiaq quartz brands in addition to Cambria.


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