Why Granite Countertops Make So Much Sense

There’s simply nothing more classic, elegant or refined that granite countertops in a home or business. There’s a reason that granite has been the preferred countertop material for so long. It simply offers an exquisite finish that cannot be found in any other countertop material. Granite has been used by the rich and powerful as far back as recorded history goes.

Why is it that Roman Emperors, Grecian Kings and Egyptian Pharos went to great lengths to cultivate materials like granite and marble? They went to great lengths to acquire these materials because these particular materials make the most refined and aesthetically pleasing construction materials. All of the great, classical sculptures that come to mind were completed with granite and marble.

Time has passed, and yet even modern meccas like New York City and Washington D.C. are decorated with granite and marble buildings and structures. Not only are these materials beautiful and exquisite, they withstand the elements of nature and the test of time.

That should tell you that they can likely withstand the rigors of your kitchen, bathroom and utility room, or of the countertops used in your business. But let’s forget the absolute utility and lasting nature of granite and marble for just a minute. Putting those aside, granite and marble countertops are still highly sought out because they give you the best bang for your buck, and because they never go out of fashion.

Just look at the Babylonian, Grecian or Roman ruins thousands of years later!

The fact is, however, you don’t have to be royalty or even have to be rich to afford granite and marble countertops for your home or business. While granite and marble are highly coveted, they are not that much more expensive than most other materials out there except for extremely cheap materials that won’t last long and usually look horrible.

Also, as most people take loans for large home improvement projects, granite and marble actually increase the value of your home or business, meaning that you hold more equity in your property. This often leads to more cash available for loans and better interest rates if you are taking a home improvement loan out.

No matter how you cut it, granite and marble countertops are the best option for any home or business. Granite and marble countertops never go out of style, increase the value of your property, and make for countertops that are built to last, so long as you take care of them. Visit our web site to read more about different countertops options

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