Why Granite and Marble Countertops are Really the Cheapest Alternative!

When it comes to countertops, many people struggle with what type of countertype they are going to buy. Now, there’s not a home or business owner anywhere who wouldn’t want granite or marble tops throughout their home or business. ALL countertop types that are manmade are designed to look like granite, marble or soapstone tops.
Why settle for a pale imitation when you can buy the original?
Yet many people do settle for laminate or Formica or synthetics or some other sub-par countertop material because they think that granite and marble are out of this world expensive. They choose something they don’t really want because they think they have to settle for a countertop material they are not happy with, and one that likely will not last nearly as long as granite or marble.
The common mistake most homeowners and business owners make: Unfortunately, most people don’t do their homework. You can have the real deal, the granite or marble tops you really desire, at a cheaper cost over time. So unless you only plan on owning your home for a day or two, why not get what you want? You see, over time granite and marble countertops are cheaper.
That’s right, cheaper.
How can granite and marble be a cheaper alternative when granite and marble countertops are $20 or more per square foot more costly than some countertop materials?
Because those super cheap countertop materials that are that much less per square foot aren’t made to last. They’re cheap and you’ll be lucky if they last a decade. Buying a granite or marble countertop is a one-time deal, so long as you use common sense and take care of it. Also, while the square footage cost of marble or granite might be more, the TOTAL cost of the project won’t be that much more expensive in actual dollars.
Add into this the fact that marble and granite increase the value of your property, granite and marble are actually an investment that costs less than any other countertop material alternative, even manmade synthetic one pieces, because they won’t increase the value of your home like granite and marble will.
Often imitated, never duplicated, granite and marble countertops are copied so much because they are the premier countertop material available on the market.

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