Can’t Choose Between Granite, Marble or Soapstone for Your Counters? Let Us Help.


So you’ve decided it was time to get new kitchen counters. You’ve looked at many options, some more affordable than others, some more durable, some less. If you’re down to choosing between granite, marble and soapstone countertops, you’ve narrowed your choices to three very sensible and attractive choices.


Any of these kitchen counters are a good investment. They are all durable and withstand heat and normal wear and tear very well. All three will also increase the value of your home considerably and never depreciate in value. So really, when it comes to choosing between granite, marble and soapstone for your new and improved kitchen, you have to ask yourself what look you’re trying to achieve and what kind of care you are willing to invest.


Granite counter tops are by far the most durable and easy to maintain. They don’t stain easily, will never get burned by hot pans, and are pretty resistant to scratches and cracks. Marble and soapstone kitchen counters are softer than granite but are still pretty hard to mar. With time and use, soapstone and marble counters will acquire a patina that will make them look aged. This is a quality that most home owners enjoy and indeed it gives your kitchen a classy rugged look. If this isn’t something you think you would enjoy for your kitchen, we suggest you go with granite, which will remain lustrous and smooth through the years.


Granite countertops come in a variety of earthy hues, and soapstone colors are limited to darkish grays. If you enjoy the subdued colors that these countertop options have to offer, either of them might be the right choice for you. If, however, you are looking for a greater variety of colors, marble kitchen counters might be a better choice. Marble not only offers a wide range of colors (even bright colors) to compliment your existing décor, it also features gorgeous swirls and pigments. Granite counters are also inlaid with patterns, but the color choices are limited. Soapstone offers neither patterns nor a choice of color, but it does bring a rustic “old farmhouse” feel to any kitchen.


Granite kitchen counters are undeniably the easiest to clean and maintain. They will not stain easily and can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent. Soapstone countertops require a bit more attention in their care, requiring oiling every now and again to maintain their smoothness and look. Marble counters can stain if they are not cleaned in a timely fashion, so spills should be wiped sooner rather than later. Granite, marble and soapstone counters are all pretty low maintenance, but you should know what is required for all three to stay in good shape.

Now that you have more information on the benefits and limitations of granite, marble and soapstone countertops, we hope that you can finally make a choice that will work for you, your lifestyle and your home décor. Visit is in Crofton MD, Elkridge MD if you are looking for new countertops for your home.


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