Ten Reasons to Choose Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone countertops are getting much popular among homeowners all around the world due to a wide range of benefits and useful properties. Let’s have a look at what it is and what are its offerings?

Introduction to Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock with soapy-feel surface. Soapstone is natural stone as like granite quarried that is also extracted from mines. Soapstone has the composition of the mineral talc in a great amount of concentration. This makes it soft and unlike other countertops.

As the soapstone carries a higher percentage of quartz that is why it is typically used as countertops. The soapstone countertops are also temperature resistible and they are perfect for kitchen countertops.

These are also DIY friendly, so no one needs a special technician to fix them in the kitchen. Soapstone is natural, durable hard working and maintenance free too. There are some important and genuine reasons to choose soapstone countertops for the kitchen.

There are many reasons to choose soapstone countertops for work surface in your kitchens. Some are given below:

  1. Stability

This rock is best varying in many degrees of hardness. The comparatively softest type utilizes for sculpting, but the harder one is used with kitchen work surface, tables, tiles, wood burning stoves and many others. If one is searching for best quality, durability and also beauty then soapstone is the best choice with all such requirements.

  1. Appealing Value

The soapstone is carrying varieties of slabs you can choose according to kitchen styles and themes. A great factor is that it feels so premium. It is even available in many colors and varieties. The natural beauty of rock makes it a perfect fit with traditional homes and also a great fit for cottage style cottage. Not to mention, it is a famous item for ultra-luxurious houses.

  1. Practical

The soapstone countertops are multi-purpose and fit with all the kitchen stuff. You do not need to worry about putting a hot pot on it or when hot water gets spilled on it. It never gets damaged from all these things, and it also works in warm temperature.

  1. Concreteness and Compactness

Soapstone countertops are absolutely not absorbable for all types of liquids like diluted acids, tea, milk and cold drinks.

     5 Healthier Choice

The kitchen with soapstone countertops is germ-and-bacteria-free. You will experience healthier and safer kitchen environment with soapstone countertops.

  1. Eco-Friendly

This rock is echo-friendly and can be easily recycled. It does not produce any toxic gas or material. It is completely nature-friendly and provides you a good environment in the kitchen with safety and cleanliness.

  1. Varieties of Textures

There are many types of textures, color, and varieties available in soapstone countertops. It is available in rough and smooth texture.  Color ranges from pale green to light gray.

  1. Best Investment

You will experience best investment opportunity with soapstone countertops. With reselling your home, you will get 50 to 80% ROI from it.

  1. Affordable Rates

It is available in more affordable rates than some other countertops. However, you can save your costs when it comes to tweaking. As soapstone countertops do not require a special technician to fix it in the kitchen, so you may find this bit relaxing.

  1. Long lasting

Soapstone countertops are long lasting and doesn’t wear out easily. So it may be a strong case that once you buy it your children or maybe grandchildren would be using it.

There you have it! With all the specifications, it seems a compelling option to use soapstone countertops.


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