Countertops in Howard County

Granite Countertops in Howard County MD


United Granite is the premiere granite countertop company in all of Howard County in Maryland, from Columbia to the State Park, and from the Fairgrounds to Clarksville. We are well established and have many years of experience serving both residential and commercial clients in and around Howard County.
Our team of granite professionals can’t be beat anywhere in the state of Maryland, in fact. Every single one of them has the knowledge and experience to bring granite projects big and small to fruition. Our most important goal is to ensure that every one of our customers has the information they need to make informed decisions, and in turn that they are completely satisfied with their new granite countertops.
Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is extremely durable, easy to care for and clean, and, of course, it is beautiful. There is no more valuable countertop or decorative material to be found. Turn any room into an elegant and classy area instantly with granite countertops. Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in a utility room or in the reception area of a large company, granite will provide an unparalleled look, and will do wonders to enhance not only the décor but the value of the property as well.
To understand just how many varieties of granite that United Granite offers in the Howard County area, drop by our facilities or visit our website at ( Most first time visitors are amazed at our large selection of the highest quality granite countertops. We feature not just granite, but limestone and soapstone and other high end decorative and utility stone materials as well.
We have something for every unique taste and environment and will be more than happy to take as much time as is needed to counsel you on the best selection based on your price range and your existing decor. We will also give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and will give you expert advice based on the room or rooms that you are remodeling. Your satisfaction is our priority!
Perhaps the best thing about United Granite is that it is the one and only company you will ever have to deal with when it comes to granite or soapstone countertops. We provide the granite, cut it to shape and install it to your satisfaction. There is no middle man, and you are ensured that the same professionals are with you from start to finish. We look forward to doing business with you whether you are looking for granite, marble, soapstone or one of the other rare natural stones such as onyx, travertine, limestone, quartzite!


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