What Countertops Would You Have In Your Dream Home


If cost was no issue, what would your dream home look like? Think about it for a minute. Is it an immaculate mansion, an idyllic cabin in the woods, or a grand palace? Whatever it is you would choose, you certainly wouldn’t have imitation décor would you?


Whatever your tastes, you’d want the real thing for sure wouldn’t you?


What about the flooring, would you like hardwood floors? Perhaps you would enjoy ceramic tiles throughout, or fabulous Asian throw rugs. Let your mind wander and picture the interior of your dream home whatever way you would like.
What about the roof? Would you like 4 ply deep fiberglass shingles? No, how about adobe style with ceramic roof tiles? How about a hardwood, antique style roof, with a great finish that makes the roof simply shine?

Let’s think about the siding now, how about rustic clapboard siding? No, how about pointed brick and mortar with elaborate granite statues along an unforgettable roofline? Is that a bit too much, because there’s always pine, or granite or marble?


Speaking of granite or marble, what type of countertops would you have throughout your dream home? Remember, cost is no object. Of course that would mean granite or marble countertops. Those are the countertops that finish the décor of all the homes of the rich and famous. You wouldn’t want aluminum siding on your dream home or linoleum floors would you? Or cheap carpeting in place of elaborate Asian throw rugs?


Then why would you settle for imitation granite or marble countertops? Synthetic countertops, laminates, they all imitate the colors and designs of real granite, marble and soapstone tops, Synthetics imitate granite, marble and soapstone because granite, marble and soapstone are clearly and by far the most desired countertop materials.


So why not have the countertops of your dream home now?


While having ceramic tile and hardwood floors installed in your home can be extremely costly, having granite, marble and soapstone tops installed in your house are not that much more expensive than having synthetic countertops installed in your home. Granite, marble and soapstone are more expensive per square foot, and for many good and obvious reasons, but the WHOLE project isn’t that much more expensive, because the square footage of your countertops isn’t close to that of the flooring of most structures.


Start building your dream home today with the most cost effective project. Have your dream granite, marble or soapstone countertops installed as part of an affordable, enjoyable home improvement project!


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