Why Choose Granite Tops?

To best decide which countertop you should choose for your home, for your castle and likely the biggest investment of your life, it’s best to look at available options for countertops. While there are certain pictures that come to mind when one thinks of castles and mansions, with elaborate, ornate countertops throughout, not everyone can afford the spectacular countertop materials and designs that the wealthy can afford.


Or can you?


After looking at the field, one could argue that you can’t afford NOT to choose the best materials for your counters. What are the best materials? The best countertop materials are the ones that are most often emulated. Those would be granite, marble and soapstone.  Why is it that most fabulous countertops, going back to classical architecture centuries ago, are made of granite, marble and soapstone?


Because granite, marble and soapstone are not only the most beautiful, they are some of the most durable countertop materials available. That is why the Grecian and Roman architecture, largely made of granite, marble and soapstone, still stand today and are in excellent condition after thousands of years of use and abuse.


The biggest tribute to the beauty and durability of granite, marble and soapstone are the competition. That’s right, the synthetic one tops and laminates of the modern era are designed to look like what?


Granite, marble and soapstone!

Why is that, why is it that with so many materials to choose from, all of the laminate and synthetic countertops have designs and colors based on the real designs and real colors of granite, marble and soapstone. The answer is pretty simple, because they are the absolute most breathtaking countertop materials available.


One big selling point that the competition uses to scare people away from real granite, marble and soapstone tops is that they crack, break, and don’t last. While it’s true, anything can break if abused, why is it that the oldest existing countertops are made of granite, marble and soapstone? Find a Corian countertop in ancient Greece? Or a laminate from the 50’s that isn’t torn up, faded and dilapidated.


You can’t. So when it comes to your home and your kitchen and utility countertops, don’t settle for the imitators, go with the absolute best. Make sure you have granite, marble or soapstone countertops installed in your castle! United Granite fabricates and install all these natural tops in many areas of Maryland including Annapolis MD, Baltimore Maryland, Glen Burnie MD, and Howard County Maryland.



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