Granite Countertops Are as Functional as They Are Attractive


Some people think that granite countertops are just for show. Many of them do not realize that as beautiful and attractive as granite countertops may be, they are also highly functional. The myth of the ‘too beautiful to cook on’ granite kitchen counter is just that:


A myth!


In fact, granite counters are far more robust and durable than any cheaper synthetic option. Granite is virtually indestructible, unless someone really has a mind to do some serious damage with a blunt, heavy object. It withstands every day wear and tear better than its synthetic counterparts and is even undamaged by warm and even hot items.


No hot pad? No problem! Your granite countertop will be more than happy to take the heat.


The perennial cool surface of granite tops is a blessing to amateur and professional bakers as well. The smooth and cool surface helps ensure that dough doesn’t overheat, thus becoming too soft to be worked properly. Its smooth surface is also an asset to those home bakers who still enjoy kneading bread dough by hand rather than using a bread machine.


Granite is also a sanitary choice. Bacteria won’t adhere to its surface, making it a healthy option for any kitchen. Better than this important fact is that granite countertops are so simple to clean, clean-up is a snap. Some warm water, a mild detergent, gentle sweeping and the surface gleams. Forget staining, too. Granite countertops will not stain easily unless the stain is sealed before being properly cleaned.


Let’s face it: functional doesn’t simply mean physical use. Your granite countertops, while beautiful, are also valuable. They will radically increase the value of your home, and will never depreciate. This aspect of their functionality clearly goes to show that your initial investment in granite kitchen counters is well worth it over time.


Add to this that granite countertops last practically forever, and you’ve got a winner.


When it comes down to it, granite counter tops are a winner every time. They are durable, functional and offer a good return on investment. They are low-maintenance, practical in the kitchen, sanitary and easy to clean. Oh and let’s not forget: they are breathtakingly attractive and come in a variety of hues and pattern to fit your unique taste and layout.


Oh, and they will be the last kitchen counters you ever need to install. If you think granite is not for you, consider other natural options such as marble, soapstone, travertine, onyx or quartzite. United Granite offers both natural stone options, and quartz countertops options.


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