Why Granite and Marble Countertops Give You the Most Bang For Your Dollars



Let’s face a simple fact. For most people, your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. You may not want to think of the home as an investment but it is. It is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. That means it is critical when it comes to your home or property to make sure you understand value versus saving a few bucks.


And money you pour into your home isn’t JUST for your own personal use; it is an investment that if properly understood will increase in value, yes in dollars, over time. That’s why it is key to understanding the importance of investing in durability and value and in NOT cutting corners when it comes to home improvements. You want your dollars to increase in your home; you don’t want to throw money away.


Simply put, when it comes to your home or your property, you want to make sure that your investment grows over time. If you are considering replacing your countertops, look no further than granite and marble. These are simply the two best materials that can be used for countertops throughout the home. Granite and marble tops last centuries, not years or even decades, and they appreciate over time, they don’t depreciate.


Marble and granite countertops have been in style and have appreciated in value since Ancient Greece, now that is a testament to their staying power! Granite and Marble countertops can be used even in older style homes such the ones.  So here are a few things to consider when choosing marble or granite tops for your home:


  1. Find an expert contractor that specializes in marble and granite countertops. This is a once in a lifetime investment that will last for years, you need to make sure the job is handled by experts who understand their craft.


  1. Make sure you choose a color and style you are comfortable with. Since marble and granite literally last a millennia and beyond, the color scheme and design you pick you need to be comfortable with. The only way to change it is to replace the marble and granite countertops with new ones, because they are ridiculously durable.



  1. Even though marble and granite are easy to clean and maintain, as with any investment, you want to take care of them. Anything can be destroyed by carelessness, so take a few minutes to study up on how to take care of marble and granite.


  1. Spend some time with your contractor. If you have chosen expert granite and marble contractors, such as United Granite (www.unitedgranitemd.com) in the Suburban D.C. area and throughout Maryland, you can learn about your new investment and take advantage of their experience.


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