Why Is Granite Better Than Corian

When it comes to countertops there are a myriad of choices that any homeowner can make. The truth of the matter, though, is that the two best known and most popular types of countertops installed today, at least in most homes where owners care about value and appearance, are made of classic granite or a modern synthetic material known as Corian. There are other one piece synthetic countertop materials similar to Corian on the market, but Corian is the original synthetic material and is still by far the most popular of man made one piece countertops.

There is, however, only one granite, and that is one of the keys to its inherent value.

The fact is that almost all countertops, even the cheapest of Formica counterops, are designed to look like a classic granite finish. There is a reason for this. Granite makes the most ornate and most beautiful of all counter surfaces. Corian is a synthetic, resin based alternative to the classic, real granite countertops that the market, interior designers, and serious architects covet. Corian was pioneered in a lab by DuPont. But even Corian itself was designed to look like granite. When it comes to aesthetics and appearance, granite is the bar upon which all countertops are measured. This is like the difference between fake gold jewelry and real, honest to goodness gold jewelry. One is designed to look like the other, but is a cheap imitation.

So why do some people choose Corian over the most beautiful of all countertop materials?

The two biggest arguments for Corian are that it is more durable and that it is cheaper than granite countertops. There is no argument that Corian or any other synthetic countertop is more appealing or more beautiful than real granite, which is harvested from the Earth and refined by master craftsmen. So it comes down to dollars and durability.

The fact is that Corian is slightly cheaper than granite in most cases, although Corian and other synthetic countertops are more expensive than most consumers think. The more the Corian choice looks like real granite, the more expensive it is. Also, Corian and other synthetic countertops are only cheaper if you look at it from a short term perspective. The overall price differential is really not that great when it comes to total project cost.

When looking at cost more closely, granite actually gives the consumer more bang for the buck. Granite not only holds its value, but increases the value of the home at a much higher rate than ANY synthetic countertop on the market. In actuality, granite is a far better investment for only slightly more of an up front cost, and since the home is the largest investment of most consumers, it only makes sense that granite’s increased value at a marginally higher cost makes it a better long term choice.

The other argument that Corian lovers make is that minor scratches and burns can easily be patched. This is true, though major damage is still costly to fix. But granite can also be sealed. Further, granite is a scratch and heat resistant material.

All in all, there is only one granite, and everything else is a pale imitation!

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