Reasons to Choose Marble Countertops

Are you wondering why marble countertops are the best choice for your home? You feel uneasy about using it because you’ve heard mixed opinions about it. You ask your contractor and he gives you mixed statements like, “it depends on where you want to put it”. Well as a matter of fact, there are countless reasons as to why marble countertops are the absolute right choice for you. And just one of those reasons is that they have a smooth, beautiful look. They’ll give the perfect sense of structure to your home.

Marble is an igneous stone that has very elegant and vivid detail in its appearance. Marble is available in many different colors ranging from rose red to the classic white and grey finish. This will ensure that whatever color you choose, it will be original and eye catching. One of the best things about using marble countertops is their heat resistance. This is because marble itself is formed through heat and pressure. This characteristic makes it perfect for rooms such as the bathroom and fireplace structures. On top of its heat prevention it actually stays fairly cool. It can provide a refreshing wake up as you touch your bathroom counter for the first time that morning or when you stroll by the fireplace and sit down.

The most common type of marble to buy is White Carrera. Carrara has a white and grey streakiness to it. Another very famous marble is calacatta.The white carrara marble so famous and popular is because it is not very inexpensive. It is actually one of the cheapest forms of the natural countertop materials. Another great positive about marble is its availability. Calacatta Marble is very famous because of its beauty. Marble is one of the most popular countertop materials which is why it is easy to find in whatever fashion you may need it. Any color, hundreds of shades, you name it. The different kinds of variety that marble comes in is unimaginable. The best thing about marble? It’s all natural! And it’ll look great in any open space area to give it a “flowing energy” type of feel.

Also, most consider the natural aging and buildup of “patina” on the marble to be a negative side effect. However, I find that it adds class and character to the marble. It is almost like nature’s way of customizing your rock and home. Also, marble countertops don’t have to be a permanent decision. Unlike Granite, marble countertops are much easier to remove and switch out with other styles or materials. This is a convenience that other counter materials do not have.

The citizens of md love their marble countertops. They love the elegance and radiance marble countertops md sets off in the rooms of their home. It brightens up during the early morning and soothes the room as night falls. Marble is a very beautiful material that can have a lasting and resounding effect on the interior design of your home. And it will add class to any room it is in and I believe it is a perfect choice for your home.

If you still think marble is not for you, there are other more durable materials such as granite. In addition, many quartz brands now have marble imitations. Cambria came up with the color called Torquay, Silestone came up with two colors; Lyra and Lagoon, Caesarstone has a color called Calacatta Nuvo, and Zodiaq is also working to come up with marble imitations.

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